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Montag, 9. Februar 2015

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

My pair of Katrinski-Shoes

I am sure you will not be surprised to hear that I bought shoes in Buenos Aires. Actually, I bought 4 pairs! One pair of flip-flops because it was just too hot. One pair of training shoes from 2x4 al pie ( because we were training a lot in socks on an old wooden floor and I was not keen to collect as vast an amount of splinters in my foot as I did on the first training day. And then I bought a pair of the most lovely tango shoes ever by the wonderful Katrinski! ( She is more known for her flat tango shoes, but in her tiny little artists workshop she also produces a very special collection of handmade heels! Charming colors and design and perfect quality and fitting, I fell in love with my pair of Katrinskis immediately. They fit cozily and walking on them is heaven - as is dancing. Perfect balance, a little squeeze only during the first 2 milongas until the leather gave in a little. Now they are so comfortable, I could walk on them in every day life. And yes, they are green!

If you have counted well, you will realize that those were only 3 pairs of shoes. The 4th pair of shoes is being made right now. Sitting in Katrinskis artists workshop, I could not take my eyes off all the different leathers she has piled up, the colors, the structures...! When I returned assist in buying shoes for my traveling companion, I looked at those colors again, in my head creating shoes and shoes and shoes, color combinations, materials... sigh! Yes, I ordered a second pair. Open heels this time and with a sunny yellow as main color, olive as contrast and a little shining light green to spice it up - yummy! They will be sent home to me for what seems a little sum once they are finished. I had my feet traced on paper and Katrinski will make sure this new pair will fit my feet at least as well as the first ones did. Happy girl! So if you do travel to Buenos Aires and are "in need" of a pair of shoes, do contact her, you will not regret!

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