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Dienstag, 20. Januar 2015

Estupfacto - Speechless

Two days ago I landed at EZE, the Buenos Aires airport and I am still utterly speechless. Spechless at the mere fact that I am treading the ground of a new and incredibly far continent, that I am walking the streets of Buenos Aires (after a detailed security training by my teacher Miles), smelling the density of its smells (humidity, urine, fresh bakeries, oranges, dirt, spices...), that I run under the apocalyptical rain, eat the rich pastries and wonderful parrilla meats, taste the yummy ice creams you get at every corner (mmmm... dulce de leche!). And above all, I am speachless at being smack in middle of the tango world of Buenos Aires. Being a breathing part of the uncountable practicas and milongs. Going to a buzzling, hot milonga, cramped with wonderful dancers that make my mouth drop in admiration. And or course the masses make room for a performance of Sebastián Achával and Roxana Suárez as if it were the most natural thing in the world - what a delight to experience their elegance, calmness and rootedness, not on youtube but in real life. I am still speachless at the presence of so many famous names, dancers, musicians, performers, making their living from tango.

I admit I am intimidated.
But excited, ecstasized at the same time.
This is real life, real time, real Argentina.

Being picked up by DANTE at the airport is a real treat - he takes care of everything and makes us feel welcome.  Gracias!

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